01/16/2014 - Jim Richter has been promoted to chief executive officer at Wilcox Fresh, based in Rexburg, ID. Richter has worked at Wilcox for seven years, most recently as executive vice president of sales and ma...Read more
01/08/2014 - Jim Richter has been promoted to chief executive officer of potato and onion grower-shipper Wilcox Fresh. Richter, who had been Rexburg, Idaho-based Wilcox Fresh’s executive vice president of sale...Read more
01/08/2014 - REXBURG, ID - Wilcox Fresh has promoted Jim Richter to CEO of the company. Jim has been a part of the Wilcox family for the past seven years, most recently as Executive Vice President of Sales and Ma...Read more
10/09/2013 - REXBURG, Idaho — For many high school students in rural districts throughout eastern Idaho, fall break means heading to spud fields early in the morning for tedious labor in the dust and cold until w...Read more
10/14/2013 - The next day we were driven to Lynn Wilcox's potato farm to witness the harvest firsthand and dig up some spuds if we were so inclined.....Read more

10/03/2013 - Idaho's Russet Burbank crop appears to be down slightly in yield and size but of exceptional quality, according to growers. Idaho potato growers are finishing a Russet Burbank harvest they say is ...Read more
10/07/2013 - Wilcox Fresh has seen such success with its Potato Jazz venture with The Little Potato Co. that the company has expanded its packing space for the product line. Jim Richter, executive vice preside...Read more
10/01/2013 - The USDA has released a draft version of the requirements Mexican potato exporters will be expected to follow in order to ship fresh spuds to the U.S., an important step in efforts to open the border...Read more
07/04/2013 - It's delivery day at the food bank at the Family Crisis Center. That means the freezers and fridges are stocked with meats and veggies. The baked goods are piled high. The fruits and veggies that...Read more
05/14/2013 - Wilcox Fresh and Little Potato Company have recently entered into an agreement to increase sales in the U.S. and Canada. Because of this agreement, a larger Jazz production area was needed to provide...Read more
03/25/2013 - Food Safety has been a thriving component of the Wilcox Experience that predates our state-of-the-art facility built in 1990. Floyd Wilcox, grandfather of the owners, understood that quality and reli...Read more
11/01/2011 - At the Wilcox Fresh booth, in partnership with the PMA Foundation for Industry Talent, for a $2 donation, visitors had the opportunity to support the produce industry while enjoying Chef Dave Sherman...Read more
02/06/2013 - This product may seem familiar. I reviewed the original version of Potato Jazz in August 2008. Since then, Wilcox Fresh and The Little Potato Co. embarked on a remix, including smaller potatoes and a...Read more
12/17/2012 - In an effort to ensure our customers have access to the freshest produce this holiday season, Wilcox Fresh is operating by the following schedule....Read more
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12/11/2012 - Wilcox fresh and The Little Potato Company are bringing consumers their innovative new item, Potato Jazz. ...Read more

03/22/2012 - DENVER (March 22, 2012)?Lynn Wilcox of Rexburg, ID, was seated as a Board Member on the United States Potato Board (USPB) at the organization?s 40th Annual Meeting, March 15-16, in Colorado Springs, ...Read more
10/31/2012 - A new study concludes that consumers have a much better chance to reduce their risk of cancer by eating one more serving fruit and vegetables a day than worrying about cancer risks from pesticide res...Read more
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